Olivia Blake

United States \ Nevada \ Las Vegas

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I long for the exquisite memories we'll make

I couldn't be more excited you chose me!
I'm well traveled and I've heard more than a few times my accent can make one weak in the knees!! You'll have to be the judge of that for me ;)
I enjoy travel, exotic places, and food, and am undoubtedly full of bubbly energy and warm conversation. Relax with me. Unwind with me. Let's enjoy all of the fine things in life. I long for the exquisite memories we'll make. I adore long dinners and special moments we can share together in this desirable place.
I hope that my petite slender and toned body matched with my long legs are exactly as you had dreamed. Supple skin that feels like silk, and a sexy, creamy complexion. I dare you to find out. I'm your BEST bet!

I am available for:
1 hour.
90 mins.
2.5 hours.
3+ hours.
Never hesitate to live your most wanted fantasy with the kinkiest escort in Las Vegas.
I'm waiting so anxiously! Don't make me wait too long

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